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Equipment Rentals

IICRC is dedicated to teaching professionals how to become certified technicians in the field of water & fire damage & mold remediation. They have designated standards that teach technicians the proper way to handle these situations as it depends on the health of the residents that live within the home. It is crucial that extra care is taken when treating homes for mold after water or fire damage and U&I is certified by IICRC. 


After a water or fire damage, U&I is available 24/7 to respond, we extract water, dry out, pack out of salvageable items, and rebuild to complete the job. 


We know this is a very stressful situation and thats why we are dedicated to performing quality work in a timely manner so you and your family can get back to your home sweet home. 


There’s no need to call many vendors for one job, U&I can do it all.

Mold Remediation



Repair/Build Back 

Water & Fire Damage    

Water Extraction

Pack Out 


Dry Out

Build Back

Rent by the hour or day


Air Scrubbers

Air Movers

Water & Fire Damage | Mold Remediation

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